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Table 1 Therapeutic targets being explored in ARID1A mutated cancers

From: EZH2 inhibition in ARID1A mutated clear cell and endometrioid ovarian and endometrioid endometrial cancers

EZH-2 Epigenetic synthetic lethality, promotion of apoptosis GSK126 [33, 34]
PIK3IP1 mediated inhibition of PI3K/AKT pathway
mTOR Inhibition of downstream regulator of PI3K/AKT pathway Temsirolimus [35, 36]
TP53 Stabilization of wild-type p53 to overcome ARID1A loss, resume tumor suppressor function Nutlin 3 [13, 37]
PI3K/AKT Inhibit upregulated AKT phosphorylation caused by concurrent mutations Sorafenib [38, 39]
Copanlisib [36]
BRCA Enhance DNA-damaging effects of platinum chemotherapies
EZH2 modulated function of BRCA1
  [40, 41]
ARID1B Inhibition of residual AWI/SNF complex to suppress cell growth   [42, 43]
Anti-IL6 Inhibit inflammatory microenvironment and escape from anti-tumor immune response   [44]