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Fig. 2

From: A small molecule inhibitor of the perinucleolar compartment, ML246, attenuates growth and spread of ovarian cancer

Fig. 2

Effect of ML246 on invasive activity of ovarian cancer cells. a SKOV3 and b OVCAR3 cells were plated onto Matrigel coated invasion chambers and subsequently treated with 1uM or 2uM of ML246, respectively for 72 h. Cells that invaded and migrated through the Matrigel and porous membrane were stained and imaged at 40×. Cells were counted in four fields and the mean + SEM was calculated. This experiment was performed in triplicate in three independent experiments. WST-1 viability assay was done on cells treated under the same conditions to assess viability after ML246 treatment. p < 0.05

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