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Fig. 3

From: A small molecule inhibitor of the perinucleolar compartment, ML246, attenuates growth and spread of ovarian cancer

Fig. 3

Effect of ML246 on SKOV3 cells grafted orthotopically on the ovary. SKOV3 cells in collagen pellets were implanted under the bursa of the ovary and a allowed to grow for 3 weeks (tumor at arrow). Mice were treated with vehicle or 25 mg/kg ML246 for 7 weeks (Monday-Friday treatment schedule). b Histopathology evaluation was done to validate the tumor features of the xenografts. c Tumor lesions outside of the ovary were collected and assessed by H&E to confirm the presence of tumor (T = tumor, P = pancreas). d Body weights were measured three times per week and E) organ weights were measured at the end of the treatment period to determine toxicity of the treatments

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