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Table 4 Clinicopathologic characteristics, adjuvant therapy, and survival outcomes of the deceased

From: Safety and feasibility of contained uterine morcellation in women undergoing laparoscopic hysterectomy

Stage, grade, histology Uterine size (weeks) Adjuvant therapy Site of recurrence Progression free survival (months) Overall survival (months) Death status
IA, 1 endometrioid 14 none N/A N/A 51.2 DICD (pulmonary disease)
IA, 2 endometrioid 14 none carcinomatosis 16.1 18.3 DOD
IB carcinosarcoma 12 WPRT RLQ mass 8.3 10.7 DOD
IIIA serous Not recorded Carboplatin/ Taxol
carcinomatosis 14.1 17.4 DOD
IIIC-1, 3 endometrioid 13 Carboplatin/ Taxol Pulmonary, mediastinal 18.0 30.6 Unknown causea
IIIC-2 serous 15 Carboplatin/ Taxol
External beam pelvic radiation
N/A N/A 7.7 DOD
IVB carcinosarcoma 10 none carcinomatosis 1.6 2.8 DOD
  1. WPRT whole pelvic radiation therapy, IMRT intensity-modulate radiation therapy, DOD died of disease, DICD died of intercurrent disease
  2. aMost likely this patient died of disease given her disease distribution with distant metastases